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What is your warranty service?
« on: February 26, 2016, 03:56:58 PM »
Please note: offers free warranty service for authorized resellers only. All customers who bought from overseas or direct importers have to contact their vendors directly. The warranty service doesn't extend the original warranty period. Please email us: to verify if your product is from our authorized resellers.

All our Himedia products come with 1-year limited warranty:
1. 1-Year warranty is for main unit (Himedia TV box) only. All the accessories including cables, power adapters and remote come with only 90-days warranty. Please contact us if you want to purchase extra accessories or to replace one which is out of warranty. Himedia Remote: $15/each, Power adapter: $8/each. Those accessories are only available to customers who bought from our authorized resellers. Original purchasing proof is required.

2. This warranty will void if the factory-supplied serial number or "warranty void" sticker on the product has been removed or altered. This Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or physical damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or modification of any part of the product. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation or maintenance, connection to improper equipment, or attempted repair by anyone other than This warranty does not cover products sold AS IS or WITH FAULTS. Products sold with special short warranty period note will be covered according to the statement.

3. This warranty covers the hardware issue only, such as not powered on, no system audio/video out-put, defective I/O Port. This warranty doesn't cover the malfunctioned/freezing/crashed android system caused by third-party software. Most of this system crashing can be fixed by firmware refreshing. Please try to refresh the firmware before sending back. Minimum $5.00 service charge will apply for RMA (return merchandise authorization) which can be fixed by firmware refreshing/upgrading.

Here is the instruction for how to refresh/upgrade firmware:

Please understand: in order to maintain the competitive market retail price for our end users, our margin on the dealer's price is extremely low which is not enough to cover the cost on direct end-user warranty. We encourage the customers to contact their vendors directly for warranty service. Some vendors offer 3-months basic warranty and charge the extended warranty. Please make your own decision for the extended warranty purchase.

If your products are still within 1-Year from the date of purchase but out of vendor's warranty
We still offer warranty service for the products. But we will charge returning shipping cost in this case. Please check with us for more details while you request RMA.

Please request RMA number before sending back any merchandise to us. RMA number must be printed on shipping label. The returned package without valid RMA number may be rejected. Please send back the merchandise along with the power adapter or any other accessories for which you think faulty. (90 days warranty for all accessories).

Please email to along with the info below to obtain RMA number:
Vendor's name:
Purchase date:
SN number (located on bottom of the box):
Brief description:
Must attached a copy of the original receipt or invoice from the vendor
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